Hugh Panaro Quotes

The three roles that I have always admired are Valjean Phantom and Jesus and I've enjoyed them all so much.

I loved playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. I mean you can't do better than playing God!

I think there is an evolving art taking place on Broadway.

Human beings are not black and white.

I'm a really spiritual person and I've never experienced anything. In fact I'm thinking of taking this ghost tour in Philly.

I want to be sure that if people are coming to a show and paying $100 that I want to give them their money's worth. I try to give 100 percent.

I always found it weird when the Phantom would call Raoul insolent boy and the Raoul was obviously older than him.

I loved WICKED. I wish there were a part I could play in it.

Members of the press sometimes print things that aren't true.

My dream roles since I was very young were Tony in West Side Story and Pippin. But now I leave that for the youngsters.