Hilton Als Quotes

I think it's cultural racism more than anything which dovetails with actual racism but the cultural racism to me is even more shocking.

I'm a draftsperson. And also I really respond to love.

Challenging is good like good conversation yes? Who wants to have dinner with the same old easy listening music sounding friends all the time?

One of the things I noticed when I worked at Vibe was that backstage at a fashion show they always referred to the black models as "black girls." I thought "They never say 'white girls.'.

I thought of the structure as musical. The first piece for instance contains the names/subject matter of every person to come in the book. Like a piece of music with themes etc.

Who says reading should be easy? Shouldn't it challenge you as hard sometimes as love. Maybe "hard" is not the right word in this context. Ha!

I think that if you feel imaginatively towards a subject you really shouldn't do it in a journalistic context because then you're just fabricating and that's crazy.

There were so few black men who were successful and who successfully conveyed black male fear - how America can make you feel crazy and how America can create interesting levels of contradiction.

People have a copyright on their own life.

I really don't think we should dismiss a book because we feel messed about intellectually. Or emotionally. That's the writer's job!

People are quick to make monuments of anything they live long enough to control.

I don't know what makes fashion cruel except I feel nothing but spiritual depletion around it. There's nothing enriching spiritually.

Recalling for me is a great way of living so not to forget.

Inspiration takes many forms but it's rarely pure.

I feel like there are so few girls in New York like that anymore who are not focused on getting a man with money.

Images are really powerful. People fall in love with images and as a way of falling in love with someone because they're like an image.

Nothing is more flattering for a writer than when someone knows your work.

I don't make a lot of money but I get to have freedom.

I think you're not really teaching anyone unless you're learning yourself.

I was so well loved by my mother that if people have any expectations of me I really don't notice because I'm hardest on myself.

For black people being around white people is sometimes like taking care of babies you don't like babies who throw up on you again and again but whom you cannot punish because they're babies.