Henry Selick Quotes

Morals always sound like cliches but usually cliches are based on things that are ultimate truths. Be grateful for what you have; appreciate what's right there in front of you.

I'm meant to be an animation director. That world and the culture of stop-motion is where I want to live. It's more my problem than Hollywood's. I'm not attuned to Hollywood.

In all animation if it's done quickly you'll know it. And if you're very slow and careful with it it's going to look a little more beautiful. It's just compressing time into seconds.

There's always kids who become stop motion animators. I get stuff all the time. They put it on YouTube. It's exciting to see.

No one's ever going to make a PG-13 animated film unless David Fincher executive produces it and puts it out on Netflix and then if it's a success everyone will change.

If you're drawing humans it can be detrimental to be too naturalistic which is like animating little corpses.

Just like those little Viewmaster slides there's a inherent magic that's captured in 3D that you can't get in drawn animation or in CG.

People are very harsh critics of animated humans.

Underneath this tired middle-aged exterior I'm an 11 year old kid.

Having to make a blockbuster every time puts unhealthy pressure on creatives. The pressure on the filmmakers is so intense I think it stifles the creativity.

It's nice to be taken seriously.

There's very few people who want to just make beautiful films that make money when they can make films that make huge money.

Making 'Coraline' was one of the great filmmaking experiences of my life.

I feel I'm just meant to do stop-motion. Live-action is much more glamorous to some but it's basically a whole army of people focused on one thing.

Kids love to be scared - there's way to do it right and ways to do it wrong.

Puppets seem like vampires sometimes. They live and you're depleted.

Anyone can buy CG technology. It's not that it's easy to make those films. Those films are just as difficult they're incredibly hard to make.

We are suffering from a glut of too many 3-D movies and not enough screens.

Miyazaki's films in Japan are bigger than Titanic. He's an incredible rock star there. In the US they don't do as well.

Stop-motion is sort of twitchy; you can feel the life in it. If we were to remove that completely there'd be no point in it.

There's definitely the desire out there for young people who want to make the movies.

Unless you have kids you actually have no idea what kids are watching on TV these days.

People spend the money where the money is. Nightmare never goes away.