Glen Mazzara Quotes

The key things I learned as a hospital administrator are to be organized communicate and be flexible.

Nobody can survive alone in this world. People have bonds and sometimes those bonds are broken. And then that person goes spinning off and connects with someone else.

If you're going to run a small business you need to know what everyone is doing be the first one in and the last one out and work weekends.

I usually dive head first and am really excited about that changes.

I went to NYU undergraduate then for a Master's in English and got a summer job at St. Vincent's. I was a ward clerk handling everything in an intensive care unit.

One of the things I've learned by working on the 'Walking Dead' and other TV shows is to be more tolerant of other people's process.

It's better to grow your employees steer them into a place that they can learn and succeed and want to work hard and be loyal than to have a revolving door of employees. That's demoralizing.

When you're managing an emergency department you're trying to keep everybody calm so when an emergency comes in the door everyone can do their best work.

Sharing information with employees makes them feel invested.

Don't forget I've been fired by studios; I'm not the studio's guy. I'm a guy who can work with studios but if you ask any studio I stand up to these people.

I think horror films always have to be as simple as possible.

That's the holy grail as a TV writer to work on a story that you care about and to put it out there and for it to find the audience and connect with fans and connect with critics.