Glen Campbell Quotes

There's been a load of compromising on the road to my horizon but I'm gonna be where the lights are shining on me.

I am a lineman for the county.

There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas / Creation's most unique and precious pearl / And heaven help us always to remember / That the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

I like to start the day early it keeps me out of trouble.

I miss him already. He was a unique person and a dear friend. If a record came on the radio you'd know it was Waylon Jennings.

I would have been content to just do studio work making it on my own never really entered my mind.

I guess I'm like Roger Miller who used to say that he didn't have as many jokes as he thought he did.

I don't remember not singing. I started when I was I don't know how - what two years old or a year old or something like that.