Eric Stoltz Quotes

It seems that whatever we do is somehow beyond reproach - murder rape drunk driving - as long as we go on a TV show and apologize.

If Plato is a fine red wine then Aristotle is a dry martini.

TV in particular cable channels has assumed the role of independent film.

Directing has only increased my admiration and respect for what it is that actors do.

I can count on one hand the directors who actually directed me.

I studied piano for many years and I still play. I'm a complete amateur and I wouldn't consider myself very good at all but I enjoy it.

I have a love/hate relationship with just about all technology in my life. My first typewriter in particular. I had a helluva time putting new ribbon on it.

Let's not kid ourselves here robots already run most of our world. We'll be their butlers soon enough.

I consider myself a very lucky man indeed.

I did a film called 'Fort McCoy ' based on a true story of one of the few internment camps during WWII that was actually in the United States.

You look good wearing my future.

I've been directing more and more the last few years I find it an enjoyable challenge.

I have several dogs and several cats who aren't really mine. In fact they think that I am theirs. I'd like to have some goats and chickens but I travel around too much.

I can relate to historical characters or imaginary ones. It doesn't matter if a story takes place in the future or in the present as long as the story is compelling.

I'm not sure who's right who's wrong but it doesn't matter. Sometimes you just have to do what you're told. That's who we are!

I'll be directing some more 'Private Practice' episodes when we wrap 'Caprica.'

I don't want to see the zipper in the back of the monster suit. Like everybody else who goes to the movies I want to believe the monster is real.

On the other hand I would've been exceedingly rich which would've been wonderful!

My first film as an actor was 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High ' a glorious experience that spoiled me for future films.

I'm a gentleman if nothing else. It's taken me years to become one but finally I have a sense of propriety.

I'm interested in doing movies I wouldn't normally be interested in doing.

I realize I'm a very lucky man. I love what I do I love films TV and theater and the fact that I'm able to make a living at it staggers me.

Look I'm an actor I don't profess to understand much of anything