Emily Blunt Quotes

I think it is nice for people to appreciate a slow-burning beautiful story that makes you feel good when it is over.

A lot of period dramas can appear quite arch to most people stuffy.

My personal feeling is that audiences are crying out for stories they can invest in and feel. I see a lot of big movies that leave me feeling rather numb.

I attempted to fish in Scotland and I managed to hook a dog. It was a horrible moment but the dog turned out to be fine.

It's nothing to be ashamed of to have a stutter.

There is absolutely 100 percent a light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who stutters.

Why should you have to atone for making big movies?

I really look for asking myself that question "Oh my God how am I going to do this?" That's what I aspire to every time I take on a new role.

Personally I'm an advocate for short engagements. Long sometimes means there is a reason for it. Two years engaged and no wedding... I'd be upset.

You feel very much like a puppet but it had been what I was accustomed to - so you just get on with it and try to find something that rings true.

I had to learn to dance for 'The Adjustment Bureau' and it was nearly impossible. I turned up with my knees knocking in my leotard and went home and cried my eyes out.

Cate's absolutely spellbinding. She was like that just eating a sandwich. I knew at the time I was privileged but since she's become God's gift to actresses I realise exactly how lucky I was.

I love ambiguity. People are that way. People are very hard to work out. No one is just strong or just fragile or anything like that.

I'm about to do my second Bikram yoga class in Anchorage Alaska. It's the only way to stay warm. I've got to get into shape. I've been eating nothing but fish and chips.

I'm not someone who likes to plan too much ahead.

I find it quite hard to sum up my relationship in a sound bite. I feel that it trivializes it for other people's pleasure. It's an adventure.

I almost broke my coccyx on 'The Wolf Man' and I banged my head once. I had to fall really hard.

I would love to be on Broadway!

I appreciate a slow-burn romance. In most movies everyone is just tearing their clothes off in the first scene.

I always think that the most interesting characters are those that are trying to cover something or those that have some sense of bravado or composure.

It's nice to play someone who is naive.

I don't really watch that much TV to be honest.

I'm kind of effectively bipolar.

Give us a break! I've hardly done anything but independent films.

I've always been quite a spontaneous person so I would lean more towards if you feel it and you know its right then do it.

People quit on jobs. They quit on marriages. They quit on school. There's an immediacy of this day and age that doesn't lend itself to being committed to anything.

It's funny because when you work on a set everyone is watching you. You are being observed by everyone.

The business is all about gush and hype. You never have a bad meeting in L.A.

I used to look like a deer in headlights on the red carpet. You step out of the car and it's bedlam. Everyone's got crazy eyes.

I do strive to find projects that are trying to carve out some new space. I enjoy projects that leap away from the crowd a little bit.

When you're in love you're so happy that you want to tell people about it. But now I have to censor myself. You need to protect the happiness you have.

Watch the History Channel if you want it literal and historically perfect.

I love character roles. I'm happier in them. I look for roles that have some kind of complexity.

I'm on a health kick! I'm drawn to cheeseburgers so I've got to just try and keep it on an even keel.

I chop a lot of onions because I love cooking and the times where I've never cried chopping onions is when I'm not thinking about it when I'm talking to someone or I'm listening to music.

What's wonderful about Into The Woods is that you have a combination of all the most famous fairytales in this one story.

I think I'm drawn to characters with complexity or who are under duress in some way and have some conflict going on.

If you can capture the humanity of a family struggling in an economic crisis you can make a difference. You can raise awareness just of the simple humanity.

After this interview I'm going to immigration to try to sort out my Green Card just like any other normal person.

It just proves good movies don't need 100 million dollars to be good.

I'm such a diva on set.

You can go at the premiere it's at Disneyland.

It's nerve-wracking singing in front of people. I think that's why most people get drunk for karaoke.

I'm definitely not a science nerd. That was not my forte at school.

I want to find something really wonderful to do next and take my time to search through the dearth of great material especially for women.

I'm not much of a crier but it is mildly soul-destroying and exposing to do something physical that you are terrible at in front of other people.

I think that's almost what it is sometimes if you sum up what acting is. It's just the ultimate expression of empathy.

It's quite hard to faze me. I'm fairly un-shockable.

The more we mask ourselves the freer we're able to be within ourselves.

It's always a little mind-boggling to realize that these famous actors know who I am.

As long as everyone is playing for the scene or the movie rather than themselves then you're going to have something really good.

When I read a script I'll have a very visceral gut reaction to what does this mean to me? How does she feel in my skin? Could I play this role?

With Ricky Gervais it's all shades of wrong it's my kind of humor.

Well you wear underwear. That helps.

People just want to know something anything. It's all the stuff you never want to talk about the private stuff.

I find that it really helps that I live in the States. I'm married to an American and I have lots of American friends.

It's very hard to play the straight lead girl and still make her sparkly and fun and real.

Things happen in the way they usually should. I'm a pretty fatalistic person.

It's a big chip on my shoulder that I have not been to any of his parties - P. Diddy Diddy Puff. But he was super nice to me. And he does look sharp that guy. Doesn't ever go wrong with a suit.

I think for me the job always has to be the right thing at the right time.

I do try hard to pick roles that differ. I love that about the job. I think the variety that's out there is to be taken advantage of and I enjoy that element of shape shifting with everything.

I don't think I'm the best singer in the world for sure but I loved doing it [in Into the Woods]. ...I'll always find it tough singing in front of people.