Don Hertzfeldt Quotes

To be animating at the same time it's the ultimate freedom in filmmaking because you can literally put anything on the screen that you can imagine.

Maybe the most annoying questions is: "Where do you see yourself in so many years?" It's a terrifying answer no matter how you think of it.

When you get questions that annoy you the art is answering them differently. If you're bored with it then everyone will be bored with it.

Fighting a cold but I'm powering through. As they say there's nothing better for a cold than doing interviews all day.

Tuesday's coming did you bring your coat?

No matter what decade science fiction comes from it's representing the present.

I'm still learning. I've never done a digital project before. And I'm pretty sure I did things to the software that weren't supposed to be done.

There's really no reason film and digital can't happily co-exist and benefit from one another. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to sell you something.

Time travel is a thing. It can be very dangerous and it's also very - it's an expensive thing to do.

Usually the more money that something takes to make the less interesting it's forced to become.

The only purpose of the visuals in any film is to serve the story.

I'd love to start some movements. What I'm tired of is irony and sarcasm and music/movies/what have you not having the guts to mean anything.

It's naturally kind of humiliating and strange to have a microphone; when you're young you just make movies you don't worry about all the peripheral stuff that comes with it.

I think one of the reasons I love science fiction so much is that it's - when it's ideally done right it's a reflection on ourselves.

Most people's personalities and roles are locked by the time they're nine or 10. I think there's something to that.

I've loved science fiction my whole life. But I've never made a science fiction movie.

Both the writing and the visuals in that sense are very exploratory. It goes back to my rule for myself [in] making it.