David Wright Quotes

If have the choice to play or not play I would rather be in there ... But I appreciate Willie calling me in and being concerned.

Baseball is the reason I have my apartment baseball is the reason I'm on the cover of video game. Baseball is what I do.

Whether you have a great game or a terrible game tomorrow's another day and you've got to come out here and compete.

I take positives out of negatives all the time.

Iâ??m always looking to improve. And every year I want to do better than the year before.

There's a lot more to playing in the big leagues in New York than just the baseball part.

It's so unique. Wilson Park is just such a gem. It's in a convenient location.

Baseball caps never go out of style and are easy to wear. Beyond baseball beyond sports I really do think a baseball cap is for everyone.

I'm very modest. I know that baseball is a very humbling game.

I'm very confident in what I do but I'd like to think I don't ever show any kind of cockiness or overconfidence.

I love being a Met. It was my favorite team growing up so to be a Met to me is very special.

Sure finishing last has negative connotations. But finishing second-to-last or last is still losing.

I want to win a World Series. I couldn't care less about MVP.

When you don't win I think you have to evaluate everybody.

Most of my friends are people I've known since I was a kid. I don't have an entourage or anything.

I do like to wear the same hat on game days but I consider that more of a routine thing than a superstition.

I take great pride in going out there and playing through pain.

As soon as baseball becomes a job as soon as I stop caring as soon as the smile goes away I'll hang up my spikes and do something else.

To me the fun part of hitting is the thinking part. It's the game within the game.

I don't care how much I'm talked about or hyped. It's still up to me to go out and perform.

People only rooted for the underdog in movies not in middle school.

When I first got to the majors in 2004 female fans held up signs asking me to marry them. Those girls today were what 13 14? I'm 23 but that's a little young even for me.

I just want to taste what it's like to win in New York

The brilliant thing about baseball is you're never really out of it.The brilliant thing about baseball is you're never really out of it - things can turn around in this game so quickly.