David Walton Quotes

There's a lot of young actors and people who have success very quickly who kind of expect it or don't have the experience to really appreciate it.

Boston is so laced with jerseys that you can be dressed head to toe in team apparel and no one will look twice.

I grew up around a lot of feminine energy.

I think me having kids is helpful. It opens up a new little area of your heart.

I love Jim and Pam at 'The Office.'

I graduated from Brown in 2001 moved to New York and spent a year and a half just looking up Backstage magazine auditions and grinding.

I'd play the same character for ten years if the words and the moments that I'm playing are authentic.

In this fragmented world with such short attention spans you've got a couple of episodes to make an impression. And if you don't you start to lose your audience in a big way.

I love Boston and at some point my plan is to have a home back there.

I kind of go where the wind blows and TV has just been how I make a living so far.

If you will excuse me your coat lapels are badly twisted downward where they have been grasped by the pertinacious New York reporters.

I think what's most fun is playing someone who's sort of selfish and in a lot of ways unlikeable but there's this really big heart underneath it that you get little glimpses of.

Teasing was big in my family and there is a wonderful way to tease and make people feel more loved.

Hockey on roller skates is like MMA in a bounce house: the elements are there but the medium makes the whole thing ridiculous.

It's funny how when your kids get sick they get even cuter when they have a stuffed nose and they mouth breathe.

People only see you as your last role so it's hard to break out of that.

I always try to be cautiously optimistic.

I definitely would not need to insure my calves.

Chemistry's a funny thing. It can be instantaneous but it helps when you know someone.

My family took me to church when I was like 4 years old and I had to be in a pageant and I was playing Jesus.

My first series I wouldn't even know where to get a clip of it. It was called 'Cracking Up.' It was on 'FOX' in 2004.

At one point I was seriously considering playing Huck Finn in a production in Northern Maine in the dead of winter.

The first movie that made me cry was Dead Poets Society. That one gets me. O Captain! My Captain! That moment kills me.

In TV you may think your character's one thing for two episodes and then the third episode it could be something different.

There are a lot of techniques for developing a character.

The first season of a show is kind of like an extended pilot. You're only really on the map if it goes a second season.

I've been in a talent show yeah. They are terrifying. The most nerve-wracking experience of your life I'd say.

Chemistrys a funny thing. It can be instantaneous but it helps when you know someone.

You can't be trying to be funny. As an adult actor sometimes I'll muddle it up by over-thinking things.

Sports movies are a genre that I really respond to but they can be done really poorly and really fall short. The good ones are just so good and inspiring and make you feel good.

If you don't know how to play hockey learn. If you quit get back out there.

My wife likes the hockey smell because its the smell of a warrior.

It'd be hard to be a lead actor if I didn't have lips. Those are tough to graft back on.

That's what I like about acting. You don't know where you'll be in year.

I'm not jaded yet. I'm still at the point where if someone comes up to me with great energy I'm happy to meet them.

Public perception is obviously important to an actor's career.