Darell Hammond Quotes

If there's one thing that 'No Child Left Behind' has proven it's that more academics don't make for smarter children - or even higher test scores. And yet we somehow refuse to accept this reality.

Kids who don't play are not just at greater risk of falling behind academically but also of becoming overweight or obese failing to integrate socially and even engaging in criminal activity.

We're taking sports too far and starting kids too early.

Only one in five children in the U.S. lives within walking distance of a park. Many more lack access to a quality early childhood education that provides ample time and space to play.

Unstructured play gives kids the space they need to tinker and take risks - both vital for the budding entrepreneur.

People have to see play as more important than what it currently is. We don't want to get boxed into thinking play only happens on a playground. The best type of play is all kinds of play.

As I see it the debate between summer vacation vs. year-round school glosses over the most important questions. Namely how can we bring play back to our nation's schools?

Play exercises both your physical and creative muscles. It helps you move around solve problems challenge yourself and think in new ways. Not to mention that it's just plain fun.

The national nonprofit I founded 'KaBOOM! ' is on a mission to save play for America's children and has long been championing the cause in high-need communities.

The lack of free child-directed play time for our kids today will have dire consequences for these future leaders making them less prepared to solve complex challenges and problems.

In neighborhoods without a usable park or playground the incidence of childhood obesity increases by 29 percent.

Given that the biggest rise in childhood obesity rates are occurring in children ages 3 to 5 years we must modify our efforts to place an emphasis on prevention versus intervention.

We know when children have a place to play they live healthier happier lives.

We must make sure that there is recess and P.E. class in every school getting kids outside for 60 minutes every day.

It's absolutely crucial that every child-serving organization - be it an elementary school daycare or community center - provide its children with time and space to play.

At KaBOOM! we are crowd-sourcing a nationwide Map of Play that uses GIS data and user rankings to identify where the engaging playgrounds are located but more importantly where they are not.

A cultural shift is needed to incorporate exercise into our children's daily lives.

I hope my organization will not be around in 10 years because at a national state and community level we will have evolved into a society that cares about children and the need for play.

During the year our schools are busy slashing P.E. and recess to make more time for math. During the summer we get ourselves worked into a tizzy that our children will forget their fractions.

This summer we need to let our kids go play and we need to stop worrying about whether or not it's going to ruin their chances of getting into college.