Dan Scanlon Quotes

The scary thing is that sometimes you are wrapping up animation on a sequence and you don't know how the movie ends or begins. You just have to bluff and move forward.

I was an animator for a while early on but a 2D animator.

I don't even know how computer animation works honestly and I don't need to.

I don't think at Pixar we'd ever make something that was too scary for general audiences.

At Pixar we do a million versions of the movie and every one of them goes through their awkward teenage phase where it's terrible and doesn't make sense and we just keep working on it.

I'm a big comedy fan and a fan of films.

I worked in the story department for years on Cars and Toy Story 3.

There are characters that become more popular as we fall in love with them.

I started at Pixar the month Monsters Inc. came out.

No one ever tells a story to help you figure out where to go when a door closes on you.

I don't need to try to push everyone out of the way and say "This is how you do it. I actually like not knowing. I trust every lead.

I like sharing stuff with people. I feel like it's kind of at their own discretion you can see too much if you want to see too much.

I actually worked for a small company in Ohio that sort of farmed out work from Disney and Dreamworks so I really only ever worked in two studios.

I tend to like dry humor.

I'm not really a horror movie fan.

Sometimes we can make everything a little too perfect. I always was a fan of giving direction but every now and then going "I don't know. What do you think? Let's see what happens.

A lot of times people say that if you work hard and never give up it will always work out which is a great message. However that's not always the case.

People will turn their noses up at a sequel or that type of thing but Pixar really works hard - if they're making a sequel - to make a sequel an original movie to make it an original story.