Dan Fogelberg Quotes

I do what I believe in. I do good work and the people who appreciate it fine and those who don't fine that's good.

Storybook endings never appear. They're just 'someone's' way of leading us here.

It's only an interim trip. I love the music but it's really giving me a way in which I can comfortably explore my art.

Love when you can cry when you have to be who you must that's a part of the plan. Await your arrival with simple survival and one day we'll all understand.

She said she married an architect who kept her warm and safe and dry. She would like to say she loved the man but she didn't like to lie.

Down the ancient corridors through the gates of time run the ghosts of dreams that we have left behind.

My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man I'm just a living legacy to the leader of the band.

I don't really pay enough attention to what other people are doing.

Phoenix was a tougher record a little more commercially accessible record.

Coming out of college with a degree in fine arts and painting isn't worth much any more.

I'm affected by my environment. Los Angeles makes me defensive and wary.

Waiting for wisdom to open the cage we forged in the fires of the innocent age.

I went to college as a theater major. But after about three weeks of that I changed to the school of fine arts as a painter.

I love the subtlety and tonal range of the acoustic guitar.

My grandfather gave me my first guitar an old acoustic with palm trees and dancing girls painted on it

I hate the road so much. I almost go into a cocoon with my own people out there.

Love like a phantoms lights but hold in the heart it builds like the empty smile adorning a statue with sightless eyes.

It was quite a shot in the head to do the album and then have it shot down by nonmusical idiots

I've always got about four albums in my head.

Longer than there've been fishes in the ocean higher than any bird ever flew longer than there've been stars up in the heavens I've been in love with you.

People who listen to my records expect the ballads from me. The rock 'n roll is on there because it's another mode of expression.

It seems like bluegrass people have more great stories to tell than other musicians

It was so much fun playing simple American bluegrass. I got to meet Doc Watson.

I've been writing a lot of country music again. I've written some bluegrass material. I'm having a good time doing that.

It's a very important issue to me trying to wake people up to the fact that we'd better take better care of our planet.

Longer is not my best song it's just a classic love song and every songwriter always dreams of writing a classic love song.

Through the years as the fire starts to mellow burning lines in the book of our lives. Though the binding cracks and the pages start to yellow I'll be in love with you.

Balance the cost of the soul you lost with the dreams you lightly sold.

I love Don Williams records and old Ralph Stanley and Bill Monroe.

I've succeeded beyond what I ever thought I could.

Between the worlds of men and make believe I can be found.

Too many hearts have been broken failing to trust what they feel.

I have a very sedate life. How often do you see me at a bar in Boulder? I like Boulder. We just don't live that way.

There is no darkness in this place that we're bound Love is the only thing that matters

Around the time the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan I was already in a band.

Lessons learned are like bridges burned you only need to cross them but once. Is the knowledge gained worth the price of the pain are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt?

I had gone full-on folkie; I'd had it with bands.

I was playing in bands before high school even. My first band I was in at 14. And we were playing just Beatles.

I choose to express myself.

Why must I be lonely in love?

Death is there to keep us honest and constantly remind us we are free.

Getting the best response from people is how I base my success.

I was blessed with a gift. It's a gift and a curse. It never ends

I put everything I can into a record. That's what art is for. I take a risk every time I do one with my whole being.

As we hang beneath the heavens and we hover over hell our hearts become the instruments we learn to play so well.

I believe in God but not in any rational or theological scope.

I wanted to pay tribute to my musical influences: Buffalo Springfield Lightfoot the Beatles the Hollies.

Be On Your Way is one of the favorite songs I've ever written. What a terribly sad song but what a beautiful melody.

MTV didn't call. I guess I wasn't hip and groovy enough.

When you are not near me I make the sound of one hand clapping.

For those two years in college I was constantly singing and writing and playing in coffee houses and stuff.

Strats are my favorite electric guitars and I've got quite a collection.

The dogs and home privacy is my constant.

Mystery's a thing not easily captured and once deceased not easily exhumed.

If someone criticizes my child it's gonna hurt me a little bit but it's my child you know and I love it regardless.

I had never done TV. I think it's a foolish medium for most rock 'n roll music. Nobody ever comes off well on TV.

We drank a toast to innocence we drank a toast to now. And tried to reach beyond the emptiness but neither one knew how.

I love home. I'll stay up there for days on end I won't even go down the driveway to look for the mail.

One road was simple acceptance of life the other road offered sweet peace. When I made my decision my vision became my release.

I never going to satisfy everybody so I decided to satisfy myself.

The outlet for my sorrow that I do feel deeply and the pain is the songs. That's where it goes.

Now is the only thing that exists.

He earned his love through discipline a thundering velvet hand his gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand.

My dad was vehemently opposed to electric guitars. He did not look on that kind of music as legitimate in any way

My life is as an artist not an entertainer. I don't consider myself an entertainer but I can do that thing when I want to

I love to laugh it's my main thing. I love to abuse the English language.

There's a heaven on earth that so few ever find though the map's in your soul and the road's in your mind

I fell in love with Nashville. I got lots of work.

Wealthy the spirit that knows its own flight. Stealthy the hunter who slays his own fright. Blessed the traveler who journeys the length of the light

I love to rock 'n roll. But my finest suit of all the things I do is as a songwriter.

Love is the promise that guides me.

I wish I was a little more gregarious and outgoing

You're successful if you can get one person to pick it up and put it on the turntable and go Wow thanks for writing that!

I always try to give my songs as gifts.

I'm not 20 years old any more. I'm not gonna go out on quite the limb I did.

Are you under the power of gold?

Life isn't all that sad. I'm a happy person.

It's the chance of a lifetime in a lifetime of chance and it's high time you joined in the dance.

My upbringing made me think that real legitimate music is written not heard

In the time it takes us to look beyond the lies we could be sailing in each other's eyes.

How many more idols must you find before you realize that you are the one you have been searching for?

I wish I had more time to sit down and be a little bit more normal.

I may quit the music business someday but never the music.

I'm not the quiet sensitive little guy I was. I can't be. There's just too much after me.

There's laws that we must live by and they're not the laws of man.

I kinda threw the spotlight away from me for a little while.

Trust isn't something that's spoken and love's never wrong when it's real.

A simple smile a tender touch speaks the true language of love.

The meanings get lost and the teachings get tossed and you don't know what you're going to do next.

The people who come to me are the people who are meant to come to me.

Tennessee helps me open up. I'm much more vulnerable there more willing to talk about anything.

I feel it right down in my stomach when I'm in touch with something. I don't know what it is.

I'm a child of the woods. I have that sort of sensibility.

You think you're winning but it's hard to say sometimes.

If people are willing to buy it and listen to it and they like it and enjoy it then it's viable.