Chelsea Clinton Quotes

I've always been incredibly proud of both of my parents and proud of the work I had done privately as a person professionally and academically.

My parents taught me to approach the world critically but also to approach it with a sense of responsibility.

When my father announced his campaign for president on Oct. 3 1991 I had already cast my vote in favor of his candidacy.

Every day at some point I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling.

I was always deeply aware that I was living in history.

At the fourth grade level girls at the same percentages of boys say they're interested in careers in engineering or math or astrophysics but by eighth grade that has dropped precipitously.

Millennials are often portrayed as apathetic disinterested tuned out and selfish. None of those adjectives describe the Millennials I've been privileged to meet and work with.

Celebrate those who have the courage to be second because I do think that often there really is this claustrophobic pressure to innovate instead of to adapt.

My marriage is incredibly important to me. It's the place from which I engage in the world every day and the place to which I return every day.

If I had one singular galvanizing ambition in life I would try to reverse engineer toward it but I don't.

We proved we could be safe and secure at home and still have more allies and friends in the world.

My mother is very good in Scrabble. In Boggle my father is probably better.

I want to be the best daughter and wife and friend and person I can be. And I want to help empower the people around me to be the best they can be.

I unapologetically and unabashedly am deeply biased toward my mother.

I was a vegetarian for 10 years and a pescetarian for eight. Then I woke up one day when I was 29 and craved red meat. I'm a big believer in listening to my body's cravings.

I really believe that with a little bit of information kids can make a big difference.

For most young Americans I know 'serving' in the broadest sense now seems like the only thing to do.

I have a boyfriend and a dog and I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up.

People recognize me. Most people are really nice. Sometimes people say 'Hi Chelsea.'

I hope to make a positive productive contribution as cheesy as that may sound.

I do really well in the traditional board games: Backgammon Checkers.

I'm definitely voting for First Gentleman.

I certainly feel a strong call of public service.

My most important identity now is as a mother.

My father has always been such a doer.

He [Bill Clinton] likes to hearken back to his kind of Irish roots so I think he'd love to be called First Laddy.

I believe that engaging in the political process is part of being a good person.

I am so proud and grateful to be my mom's daughter.

You'd better talk to my dad. My mom's pretty busy.

I'm really grateful I grew up in a house in which media literacy was a survival skill.

I have never thought of my life as being an enigma.

I'm a big believer in listening to my body's cravings.

I hope to become a better teacher. I love teaching.

I think we need to care about the metrics of success in life and I'm a pretty competitive person.

Celebrate those who have the courage to be second

I loved working on Wall Street. I loved the meritocracy of it and the camaraderie of the trading floor.

Fried chicken is my husband's favorite food.

Even during my father's 1984 gubernatorial campaign it was 'Do you want to grow up and be governor one day?' 'No. I am four.'

I live in a city and a state and a country where I support my elected representatives.

What inspires me most are people who imagine and implement solutions to challenges in their own lives in their communities in our country and around the world.

I am excited to work with NBC News to continue to highlight stories of organizations and individuals who make their communities and our world healthier more just and more humane.

Of course [I'm a feminist]. And everyone I know is a feminist.

When people say crazy stuff about me or my family I don't take it seriously.

I'm sorry I don't talk to the press. Even though I think you're cute.

I walk my dog every morning.

I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war famine and natural disasters.

My parents and my grandmother inspire me every day and every day in my work and personal life.

I find the fact that more than 750 000 children still die every year around the world because of severe dehydration due to diarrhea unacceptable.

For most of my life I did deliberately lead a private life and inadvertently led a public life.

For most of my life I deliberately led a private life in the public eye.

I can't imagine anything that would make the world look more different than if women and girls were unequivocally enfranchised.

I hadn't planned on or expected to have a public dimension in my life.

We have to do whatever we can to ensure that no child dies of diarrhea.

Determination gets you a long way.

A tin roof is one of the greatest indicators of prosperity in the developing world.

I love the right words. I think economy and precision of language are important.

Service is an opportunity for young women to really empower themselves.

I have voted in every election that I have been qualified to vote in since I turned 18.

I'd ask myself 'What do I think is really unjust?' That should be a starting point for how you engage with the world.

We need Hollywood to make movies and television shows about sexy female engineers.

It is frustrating because who wants to grow up and follow their parents?

I'm a big health food freak and a vegetarian devotee.

I was working full-time and going to school at night and on the weekends. It was just crazy.

I know I'm late but I've finally joined Facebook!

My parents have been incredibly supportive from perhaps the first real independent decision I made to become a vegetarian at 11 which was certainly not consistent with their diet at the time.

My parents were very firm about me always getting my homework done.

It's a widely-held belief that Millennials are obsessed with money. And it's also wildly true. Just don't mistake it for a fixation with getting rich.

Intellectually I loved my job but I didnâ??t get any meaning from it

Running is my prophylactic stress relief for the day. Or the segue so that I can go home and be with my husband in a kind of clearheaded way.

Patience is a virtue but impatience gets things done.

Oxford is wonderful. I'm having a great time. We do go out but I still try to spend most of my time studying in the library.

I just hope I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me

I just hope that I will be as good a mom to my child and hopefully children as my mom was to me.

When we look at that jingoism and the sexism and the racism and the homophobia that's not who we are and that's not the country that I want my daughter to grow up in.

He has always provided me a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch.

I think that we need women role models everywhere. I think that it's really hard to imagine yourself as something that you don't see.

I love my parents and I want my mother to be president.

Caricatured as navel-gazers Millennials are said to live for their 'likes' and status updates. But the young people I know often leverage social media in selfless ways.

I think that there are more opportunities for young women in America than there are in Tanzania. But I also think there are many of the same problems.

Role models really matter. It's hard to imagine yourself as something you don't see.

I just kept thinking about what my mom [Hillary Clinton] has said repeatedly when people have asked her similar questions she's tough and she can take whatever people say about her.