Charles Colson Quotes

If our culture is to be transformed it will happen from the bottom up - from ordinary believers practicing apologetics over the backyard fence or around the barbecue grill.

Many people are trying to remove religion from public life. Under the banner of pluralism cultural and political leaders are seeking to push all talk about God out of the public arena.

The Bible's historical accuracy is a reminder that while "the heavens declare the glory of God " there's also plenty of evidence among the rubble and ruins.

The Bible-banned burned beloved-is more widely read and more frequently attacked than any other book in history.

In college [Christian students] are assaulted by secular relativism and if we don't prepare them they will be like lambs led to slaughter.

A government cannot be truly just without affirming the intrinsic value of human life.

God doesn't want our success; He wants us. He doesn't demand our achievements; He demands our obedience.

Wilberforce and the band of abolitionists knew that a private faith that did not act in the face of oppression was no faith at all.

The Bible has amazingly- no doubt with supernatural grace-survived its critics. The harder tyrants try to eliminate it and skeptics dismiss it the better read it becomes.

Our culture has forgotten what the Founders knew: The American experiment is a moral not just a political exercise.

The true mark of a Christian leader is trying to build up other people. Raise up other leaders!

Frontline love. It is our one hope for breaking down barriers and for restoring the sense of community of caring for one another that our decadent impersonalized culture has sucked out of us.

I do not believe one can experience conversion or the fullness of the Christian life apart from the church.

Our society's obsession with tolerance leads to intolerance. Simply being a Christian today is an offense to our culture.

Nearly every grave moral failure begins with a small sin.

If the polls are right our Judeo-Christian heritage is no longer the foundation of our values. We have become a post-Christian society.

Today's marginalization of Christianity is a direct result of our failure to understand our faith as a total worldview.

Christians are called to redeem entire cultures not just individuals.

Redeeming culture is the never ending mission of the church.

The church does not draw people in; it sends them out.

The church is the only institution supernaturally endowed by God. It is the one institution of which Jesus promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against it.

The church's job is to equip the saints for works of service in the world.

Great fiction can often present moral messages with greater power and clarity than instructional writing - since literature after all penetrates not just the intellect but the imagination.

I was deepening my understanding of what we call the cultural commission the command to take dominion and bring righteousness to our culture.

Few things are so deadly as a misguided sense of compassion.

We humans you see have an infinite capacity for self-rationalization.

God is truth and is to be worshiped not because it's convenient makes us feel good or is therapeutic.

Culture is religion incarnate.

Hostility to religion is having an effect. In 1963 the number of Americans who said that they believed the Bible is literally true was 65%. Today the number has dropped to 32%.

Power is like saltwater; the more you drink the thirstier you get.

God is dead not because He doesn't exist but because we live play procreate govern and die as though He doesn't.

Remain at your post and do your duty - for the glory of God and His kingdom.

... a widespread secularization increasingly descends into a moral intellectual and spiritual nihilism that denies not only the One who is the Truth but the very idea of truth itself.

Tolerance once meant that we could use our reason to discern good and evil in open debate. Today tolerance has been used to call good evil and evil good.

To turn away from the great questions and dilemmas of life is a tragedy for the quest for meaning and truth makes life worth living.

Moral crusaders with zeal but no ethical understanding are likely to give us solutions that are worse than the problems.

We should always pray with as much earnestness as those who expect everything from God; we should always act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves.

I'd walk over my own grandmother to re-elect Richard Nixon.

Removing religious symbols from public places is not neutrality. On the contrary it sends a highly negative message - that religion is something shameful embarrassing or at best strictly private.

You cannot live your life other than walking in the truth. Your means are as important as your ends.

The problem is that relativism provides no sure foundation for a safe and orderly society.

What we do flows from who we are.

In our day you can mock religion in public and even get funds for doing it. But you can't show respect for religion in public - or you risk being hauled into court.

Knowing that we are fulfilling God's purpose is the only thing that gives rest to the restless human heart.

Heroism is an extraordinary feat of the flesh; holiness is an ordinary act of the spirit. One may bring personal glory; the other always gives God glory.

What is true has never been a question to be decided by polls or popular opinion. Truth isnâ??t â??democraticâ??â??itâ??s something that God has written into the very fabric of nature.

Who speaks for God? He does quite nicely for Himself. Through His holy and infallible Word - and the quiet obedience of His servants.

The Bible's power rests upon the fact that it is the reliable errorless and infallible Word of God.

The first 20 stories written about a public figure set the tone for the next 2 000 and it is almost impossible to reverse it.

We must be the same person in private and in public. Only the Christian worldview gives us the basis for this kind of integrity.

I can work for the Lord in or out of prison.

God uses prisons to train people for future roles of leadership or martyrdom.

True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. It's knowing what should be tolerated and refusing to tolerate that which shouldn't.

Life is a mess. And theology must be lived out in the midst of that mess.

Judeo-Christian revelation is not the negative influence secularists proclaim it to be. Rather it is the taproot of our civilization.

Some say society must change in order to change people. No people must be changed in order to change society.