Catherine Wilson Quotes

We have to gamble and sometimes lose as George Ainslie argues; this keeps the appetite for life sharp.

Moral claims aren't as a class truth-value apt or not.

Even if the gods did exist the Epicureans argued they didn't care about us. Rather everything comes from nature and all that really exists are atoms and void moving and congregating.

The life-world of human and animal experience with colours tastes solid objects is a perceptual effect of massed atoms.

'Contract' succeeded 'status' as the basic organising principle in modern political vs. ancient society.

Epicurus was not at all interested in what we would call the problems of mass society and he thought civic politics was just trouble and to be avoided by the wise.

Epicurus recommends bread and cheese as the staple and his emphasis is more on avoiding pain than on seeking pleasure insofar as pleasure-seeking tends to be followed by painful after-effects.

The (atomic) soul is mortal and the best life is the one with the least pain and the most pleasure.

Epicurus thought of justice as an agreement to prevent people harming and being harmed.

Atomism had no absolute 'above' and 'below' and no such rulers so favoured the undersranding of justice as an agreement amongst equals.

I had the idea that there were secret laws of the universe that could explain the baffling human reality around me and that philosophers maybe had the key to them.

I think we do have a better understanding now of how moral thought and discourse function.

There's nothing a priori good about equality. One person has three televisions the other has two so what?

I have to say that some philosophers such as the late Bernard Williams and I would include myself in this group would say that tranquillity is overrated as the goal of life.

There are people who organise the contest winners losers and people who benefit from the contest taking place.

Claims like 'Slavery is wrong' are not fully common-sensical so they must be at least partly theoretical.

It used to be that nobody would really argue with a woman because what she thought (unless it was by way of providing helpful comments about one's own work) just didn't matter.

We need grief as a precursor to emotional refreshment and so consume it vicariously in somewhat titrated but powerful enough form through engagement with the arts.

The Epicureans denied that the gods had created the world and also denied that they played any role in it.

A moral rule is essentially 'advantage-reducing.' It prohibits you doing something you could do that would serve your interests at someone else's expense.

Epicurus was in favour of friendly sex but not of grand passions or marriage and children viewing them as sources of trouble and vexation.

The higher the coefficient of inequality (Gini coefficient) in a society the worse things tend to be for those at the bottom.