Catharine Beecher Quotes

Eating highly seasoned food is unhealthful because it stimulates too much provokes the appetite too much and often is indigestible.

The tea-kettle is as much an English institution as aristocracy or the Prayer-Book ...

... all education must be unsound which does not propose for itself some object; and the highest of all objects must be that of living a life in accordance with God's Will.

To open avenues to political place and power for all classes of women would cause [the] humble labors of the family and schoo1 to be still more undervalued and shunned.

It is thought that potato water is unhealthy; and therefore do not boil potatoes in soup but boil elsewhere and add them when nearly cooked.

The principle of subordination is the great bond of union and harmony through the universe.

Coffee it is best to buy by the bag as it improves by keeping. Let it hang in the bag in a dry place and it loses its rank smell and taste.

The delicate and infirm go for sympathy not to the well and buoyant but to those who have suffered like themselves.

The great want of our race is perfect educators to train new-born minds who are infallible teachers of what is right and true.

Good manners are the expressions of benevolence in personal intercourse by which we endeavor to promote the comfort and enjoyment of others and to avoid all that gives needless uneasiness.

... a large portion of those who demand woman suffrage are persons who have not been trained to reason and are chiefly guided by their generous sensibilities.

... the physical and domestic education of daughters should occupy the principal attention of mothers in childhood: and the stimulation of the intellect should be very much reduced.

As liberty and intelligence have increased the people have more and more revolted against the theological dogmas that contradict common sense and wound the tenderest sensibilities of the soul.

As if reasoning were any kind of writing or talking which tends to convince people that some doctrine or measure is true and right.

... pure and intelligent women can be deceived and misled by the baser sort their very innocence and experience making them credulous and the helpless tools of the guilty and bold.

When the precepts and example of Jesus Christ fully interpermeate society to labor with the hands will be regarded not only as a duty but a privilege.

The people of this nation are eminently a trafficking people; and the present standard of honesty as to trade and debts is very low and every year seems sinking still lower.

... any men who would give up the law-making power to women in order to remedy existing evils would surely be those most ready to enact the needful laws themselves.

Woman's great mission is to train immature weak and ignorant creatures to obey the laws of God; the physical the intellectual the social and the moral.

We now come to the grand law of the system in which we are placed as it has been developed by the experience of our race and that in one word is SACRIFICE!