Bud Selig Quotes

The appetite for more instant replay in the sport is very low.

I want to be my usual painstaking cautious slow conservative self in analyzing it.

The greatest country in the history of the world being attacked. So all of this doesn't mean very much today.

Major League Baseball is a national institution and we take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to how the game affects the lives of American youth.

St. Louis is closer to Minneapolis than Milwaukee is.

I do have a lot of concerns but I am happy to say the Mets aren't one of them.

The one thing we know today is we can't continue to do business the way we have in the past.

How lucky have we been that the face of baseball for the past two decades through ups and downs has been Derek Jeter.

You mean guys don't get injured in spring training? Guys get hurt walking down the street.