Bryan Cranston Quotes

Love is not as important as good health. You cannot be in love if you're not healthy. You can't appreciate it.

I appreciate my role as an actor much more after I direct because it's just easier.

I have some anger issues.

If you have a screaming angry director everyone else will be panicked as well.

When actors first come up you're auditioning for everything - you're trying to sniff it out like a pig with a truffle and you would do anything!

I want to be done and actually go "I had a good run. No regrets. I'm ready to step aside.

When everyone has high expectation for you it can attack your insecurities.

When the sun is shining make hay because it would be sunset on my career at some point and when it is I want to be exhausted.

I'm just a big boy I'm still just playing cowboys and Indians and astronaut and baseball player and all that stuff that I used to play as a kid.

I think naturally if you're an actor there's a high level of assertiveness that you need to have to survive this business. There's boldness in being assertive and there's strength and confidence.

There's boldness in being assertive; there's strength and confidence.

Love between two adults is always conditional. You can fall out of love because you are able to fall in love.

What used to frustrate me going into an audition was that some inexperienced lesser casting people would think that actors are acting only when they're speaking.

I love acting because it's empowering. It empowers me.

The imagination is part of the arsenal that actors draw from.

As a director you come in and tell the actors how good they are.

Part of an actor's job is to draw up a back story.

Actors are inherently self-centered.

My goal has always been to be a working actor.

It's up to the actor to make sure they don't get typecast.

You get addicted to emotions. Our endorphins kick in and it's like a high. On the low end you might love roller coasters. On the high end you might be a bank robber or something.

Pot always just made me sleepy.

It's mind-altering when you slip into someone else's shoes. That's psychedelic man.

Every experience feeds an actor and I've learned that depression is all around us.

I have talked to stunt drivers all my life 32 years of talking to stunt drivers. There's a craziness to them.

What's interesting is a man with no facial hair is less intimidating than a man with facial hair and a man who is bald is more intimidating than a man with hair.

I'm a big fan of 'Mad Men.'

The TV business is like the produce section of the market. Today everything is fresh and glistening and firm. And tomorrow when they find a bruise on you they toss you out.

If you're a person who complains about everything all the time then you're just the boy who cried 'wolf.' But if you do it on occasion and about the right reasons then people listen.

You need to tell the truth to the audience or they will throw a brick through the TV. They'll turn you off.

It's in our nature to be intrigued. We're putting the bread crumb not in your mouth but close to your mouth. You reach a little bit and that's why it works.

My dear friend Aaron Paul I love you so much.

Any kind of civil rights oppression is wrong.

Being a day player period is one of the hardest things you can do as an actor.

This self-congratulatory notion Americans have that their country is Number One is borne of ignorance and bad manners.

I'm not crazy about being out of control and I get emotional when things are unclean. When things are out of order. When things are messy. Because I lived in a mess as a child.

Being from a divorced family almost felt like a scarlet letter at times. And I denied it for a long time.

Bad for the sake of bad is boring to me and not believable.

My passion is becoming involved in good work whether that means as an actor or writer or director or producer or all - that is not as important to me.

Money has never been my primary goal.

Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion and rekindle it. Fall in love all over again. It`s really worth it.

I realized "Oh my god this is an enormous play [ "All the Way" ]. And it's almost all me. Big. big chunks of speeches speeches speeches." And I started to panic.

I enjoy doing comedy for the fact that you go to work and you laugh. That's a good combination.

The things you want professionally are opportunities. And through my good fortune that's what's happened. Opportunity has come to me.

At my age I don't think anyone is untouched by cancer.

Luck is a component that a lot of people in the arts sometimes fail to recognise: that you can have talent perseverance patience but without luck you will not have a successful career.

We've been trained since kindergarten: Be nice be kind share put on a smile. So we're conditioned to squash our natural selfish instincts and that's the right thing for society.

That's the reason you want to become a star as an actor to be able to have more control of your destiny.

Gay and lesbian couples should have the right to experience the joys of marriage and family.

With craziness you can't predict it. There's very little defense you can have on craziness.

Every time you start a project you're hopeful that the critics receive it warmly.

I don't have spare time.

I do force myself to sleep with myself to get the job. But that's always a disappointment.

The turmoil that my dad went through and then by extension the kids went though was profound and disastrous for the marriage for the family.

To me character in a person is judged by the decisions that are made under pressure.

If you like vanilla you're not going to like 'Breaking Bad' - you need to like a specific flavor that is unusual that is different that takes risks.

I intend to do more directing TV.

Actors writers directors - that triumvirate of creativity - we have to rely and trust each other to be able to get to the final product.

Viewers can determine what they want to watch and what they don't want to watch.

I look like everyone.

People would love to be rich but they're looking for the easy way. Who wouldn't want to win the lottery? Just to score.

I enjoy storytelling. I like to write it I like to direct it I like to act in it I like to produce it. I like to be around storytellers. That's what excites me.

If you have a level of expectation in your life that you have to be a quote-unquote star whatever that means you might be setting yourself up for failure.

I didn't feel entitled to become a star. I didn't expect it.

I learned long ago to focus on things you can control and don't even pay attention to things you don't.

I have a lovely family who supports me and it's great.

Ever since I stopped worrying about finances I've made more money than I ever thought I'd make in my life.

I'm pretty handy! I do a lot of things around the house and I actually enjoy it.

Mixing humor and politics is something that works.

It is my biggest fear something happening to a child your child is unfathomable.

I'm telling you until I shaved my head I never realized how much heat is lost through the top of the head. I walk out in winter and it feels like I have an ice pack on my head. Unbelievable.

Our whole society is instantaneous.

If something is well-written it has a chance to be good and if it's not well-written it will not be good. It could even become popular but it won't be good.

I can tell you for sure: people who are at their peak right now will not sustain that. You can't. It's against the law of nature.

I don't wanna have anything left in the tank.

When you play a non-fiction character it is more responsibility than when you are playing a fiction character because that person lived and you do want to pay respect to that.

There are far more talented people doing voice work than I.

Had "Malcolm in the Middle" been picked up I would not have been available for the pilot of "Breaking Bad." And right now someone else would be sitting in this chair talking to you. Not me.

The only thing that we as actors really can control is to be able to say 'yes' or 'no' to the material.

There's this notion that in order to draw attention and to be considered for roles I want to be considered for you need a certain amount of notoriety.

I think the best-written films or television series have a measure of the opposite of what they are.

Given the right set of circumstances any one of us could become dangerous - so why not show that in our programmes?

I have often walked down this street before but the pavement never held my star before...all at once I'm three stories high knowing I'm on the street where it lives.

I think it's not a question of why more a question of why not.

I don't really relax. When I sleep I relax.

What's great about well-written material is if you can shock with justifiable actions that's the best.