Brenda Strong Quotes

We are all being called to be more present than ever while dealing with a more challenging array of personal and professional challenges opportunities and all-around growth.

Balance as a verb doesn't mean "stillness " but the constant act of making minor corrections from one side to another to bring one towards a center of stability.

I'm a Yogi and a tea drinker and having a gun is the last thing that one would expect of me as a human being.

I saw that all aspects of my life had been pulling me out of balance because I hadn't perceived them as part of a "whole " or the totality that was "me.

The mind and heart is the field upon which war is waged within us. If we can stop that internal fear-based battle then those outside of us will be affected as well.

I must have Haley Joel Osment as my agent because he only sees dead parts

I am not advocating doing nothing. I am advocating for you to energetically actively and vigilantly monitor how you are BEING.

As yogis we are constantly exploring the world of duality while being acutely aware of the unity of all things.

You can still do all the same things. How you do them is what will shift.

In life when you start to fall you don't have to go crazy scolding yourself and further throwing yourself off balance. Instead simply make adjustments.

There is a push and a pull almost like an isometric stretch. Our literal flexibility and our physical psychological and spiritual practices are more important now than ever to balance the boat.

I truly have come to believe that there are only two states of being that generate our thoughts: LOVE or FEAR.

Being inundated with constant "bad" news from the media doesn't help.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest as a young girl whenever I felt emotionally overwhelmed I would take a walk in the woods. Being in the stillness and grandeur of trees had always calmed me.

There is a polarizing and dualistic experience occurring politically and economically in the world and I believe we are near the peak of a cyclical and truly chaotic time.

I make the necessary "corrections" if I find myself leaning too far in one direction.

There's an integrity and a strength to women who have been raised in rough country.

After all if we are co-creators of our reality as so many philosophies have espoused then we have a say in how it is how it goes and our participation in it right?

It is a crucial time to be mindful of our thoughts.

It feels good to rail against what is wrong in the world to fight the good fight to beat the drum of making a difference. I am right there with you.

Until my Yoga practice became the great facilitator of all things in my life the integration of career purpose and motherhood felt like an unattainable dream.

I have recently decided that there is no place in my head or my heart for fear anymore.

In yoga practice over time you use fewer muscles more efficiently. Expansion does require energy but it should not require a great deal of effort.

I have such respect for guest actors. They don't know all the characters as deeply as the regulars and the cast isn't your family so you have more at stake.

I am giving myself permission to love - ALL of it.

I practice yoga even when my schedule doesn't allow me to teach. I've been practicing for 17 years since before it became hip.

The only unifying thought is one of LOVE.

Nine times out of ten it's a minor shift in your focus and your attitude that makes the difference.