Booboo Stewart Quotes

Pet stores just sell their animals.

If I can raise attention to a cause I will.

I love 'Goodfellas' because it's a great movie - it's funny and there is action at perfect points. I just think Martin Scorsese makes everyone look really cool.

If you guys are interested in getting any kind of animal definitely go and adopt.

I usually travel with a lot of people like my dad mom and sisters.

My mom was a professional fitness competitor so I go into the gym with her. I train with my dad and mother. It's embarrassing because she's really strong.

My real name is Nils and Booboo is a childhood nickname. It's not two words or two capital B's it's B-o-o-b-o-o.

If someone really loves you they'll do the right thing... for you.

I've done a lot of training in martial arts. I started out in warring tempo I did sports jujitsu and I've also practiced extreme martial arts.

When a dog is really comfortable they give off a certain scent and you can smell it on their paws.