Bob Buford Quotes

Few people on earth know Peter Drucker and his work better than Bruce Rosenstein. This is a welcome unique and very personal addition to Drucker's incomparable legacy.

Don't just dream big; follow through.

Prayer is for me like that - a state of being together with God. It's not usually triggered by liturgy or special needs. It's more like what the Bible instructs us to do: Pray without ceasing.

Success means using your knowledge and experience to satisfy yourself. Significance means using your knowledge and experience to change the lives of others.

My fruit grows on other peopleâ??s trees.

Instead of facing a crisis as I approached middle age I discovered that a new and better life lay before me. I called the process of discovery 'halftime ' and the outcome led to my second half.

Our first half is about how to make a living and our second half has the promise of being about how to make a life.