Black Francis Quotes

I've got a small loyal audience which is great. And I appreciate that. They're there for me every time.

I think that painting is a very ancient form of expression.

I initially felt shy about doing painting because I wasn't a professional painter. I almost felt like I didn't deserve to paint. But I have gradually adopted a different kind of attitude about this.

Everyone thinks I'm a wimp and even my own band hates me. Oh well. I guess I'll just flip 'em the bird!

If you're a good band then the filter of the band is pretty strong.

I listen to Neil Young and jazz and classical stations and if my girlfriend's driving it tends to be Hall & Oates.

Wise is the tongue wet of perfect thought.

I'm not saying that people have to listen to rock music. It's a great cool thing and it can really be liberating for a lot of people but hey so can Charles Dickens so I'm not going to judge.

My most cryptic strange songs might be my most personal but that isn't how people are going to receive them because they don't know the code.

I don't like to have everything all worked out in my head because there's always a chance of it coming out different than you think it should anyway.

This is a particular thing you know catholic stories of martyrs who had their head removed and then continued to be miraculous in the last moments of their life.

It's sour grapes I admit I want to be more famous so people are examining my work couplet by couplet you know what I mean? That's the level where I want to go.

They're pretty good actually Hall & Oates. I gotta give them credit. They got a lot of toe-tappers.

But the truth is that critics are by definition critical. That's their job.

It's obvious you shouldn't steal kill or be cruel.

If I have more creativity that I want to get out of me I try to find other ways than pursuing solo records so much.

I think everybody has a painter inside of them somewhere.