Ben Sollee Quotes

Art is consumed in so many different ways. You could say people don't stop to appreciate art. On the other hand people can consume art more quickly.

The idea of "making art for art's sake" makes no sense for me. Each area of my life all the roles I play influences the others.

I'm definitely musician and storyteller. But I always like to take an active role in things I care about socially and environmentally.

I'm in a position I never imagined I'd be in as a musician. Bob Dylan built an audience through recording and live shows. The opportunities for an artist today are totally different.

The reason I make art is because I get to make a choice about who I am what I do and what I put out into the world the footsteps I leave behind.

I'm a husband and a dad. Two thirds of my day is spent being that character. It's a huge part of my identity and why I pursue things I do.

I'm interested in questions my son asks me like "Why do animals fight? Why do you have to leave us to go on the road?" Everything he asks gets me thinking.