Bel Powley Quotes

I was quite academic quite geeky when I was a kid. I was more interested in going to school than I was in becoming a film star or something.

I think that Hollywood misconstrues actresses saying 'Oh I wanna play a strong female character ' like we all want to play like superheroes or something.

All my friends were off on gap years so going to New York alone at the age of 18 was kind of my flying the nest. It was an amazing experience.

When you're portraying someone that really existed there has to be a time as an actress where you leave reality and move into the fantasy world so you can do your job of creating a character.

I want to keep playing strong female roles. I don't mean superheroes but women who are really alive.

I want to play a range from victims to strong people just as long as it's a well-rounded character. And it's not a woman who's just there for the purpose of the man.