Babatunde Adebimpe Quotes

Painting and animation can be kind of long work. Music was more immediate and more fun.

Adding instruments to parts of a song and having them somehow find a pocket. That to me was a huge lesson. Like there's more than 808s in the universe.

You can physically move yourself around but there's that great line that Adam wrote: "Does it define for life like print of thumb?" I think it does.

Adam is one of my favourite writers period. He has such a unique voice and he's somebody who I admire so much for putting the effort into inventing his own language and furthering it.

I want to be around these positive expressive people who are doing something different and who also want to get the hell out of there and don't want to be around basic human bullshit.

Hearing that [David] Bowie passed was like you don't really believe it. It's as if the sky shifted a little bit to remind you it was there.

If anybody won life David Bowie did at least as a creative entity in the sense of writing yourself into existence and writing yourself out in such a graceful swoop.

A lot of people have reunion things but I think bands are supposed to break up.

Most of the bands that I really hold in my heart - you don't think about them as bands; they're just the soundtrack of your life.

Touring is really a weird social experiment even though everyone thinks it's a party every day.

One second you're having the time of your life in front of all these people and then you come backstage to the exact opposite - there's only lukewarm carrots back there.

I have nothing against people getting their band back together but the artists I love marked a time in my life and to merge that time with now can be personally depressing.

I like the model of people getting together to make something when they want to do it and not being dictated to by a cycle.

The cynicism doesn't come across in the final; it can be taken as a very sincere plea for someone to not go away.

You have to be a really talented writer if you're trying to encapsulate a news story with a song and have it live after the event. I don't have the focus to do that really.

The feeling of being halfway through a show and just realizing that there's nothing you can do to save it - it's a horrible feeling.

No one wanted a job. No one could hold a job. You tend to see those going hand in hand.

I feel like people just let each other live a little more in New York.

I don't want my reasons to be informed by what people think about what I'm doing.

There are people who kind of let you know that you can silence the room.

I probably couldn't have the same experience listening to that song because I'm self-conscious about some of my singing parts.

Ten years is a pretty good run for anything.