Anthony Edwards Quotes

I love being a part of something that is grassroots and you can see the actual changes the effect of what people do.

My family had all kinds of complications in relationships. I would like to meet the person who did not. Since when is being absolutely perfect what being a human is? What do we gain from that?

Why is there such vanity about hair? I make a point to bathe. I worry about boogers in my nose and I ask the makeup artist to cover up my pimples but beyond that I try not to be too vain.

I didn't start jogging or running until I was 37 years old. It was something that really helped me change my life.

Be what you are. Don't change yourself for anything. God made you that way for a reason.

So I was hugely thrilled that my first scene ever on camera was with Hal Holbrook.

There's really no point in having children if you're not going to be home enough to father them.

'ER' was so huge that whatever I did coming back to television I'd have to feel as strongly about.

You know you never say never because before I did 'ER ' I always said 'I'll never do a TV series ' so that's what I said.

I had this thing about hanging out in dark theaters. My family thought I grew out of a rock.

It's difficult to keep that perspective I think as a parent: to know your boundaries as to what's good parenting or just projecting your own expectations on your kids. That's the hardest.

I was spoiled by theater where there is no editor.

You've got to make the most of where you are. Then when you're somewhere else you've got to have the ability to fulfill that.

To think one film makes a career is ridiculous. It's important to keep perspective and do things other than for money.

Knock wood but I started acting professionally when I was 16 and I've always been able to support myself since then.