Andrew Clements Quotes

Dave couldn't remember the last time a grownup had apologized to him.

Darkness is only light's absence.

I get wonderful letters from kids and teachers. I must have the best readers in the world.

My sister called her pillow a pilgo. My brother called his pacifier his nimma. But I don't think I was much of a word generator myself.

I have my own story and I love my story but I know I can't tell it alone not now. Because stories have centers but they don't have edges. No boundaries.

Part of being a fiction writer is being able to imagine how someone else is thinking and feeling. I think I've always been good at that.

who says dog means dog?

But fear doesn't need doors and windows. It works from the inside.

Watch TV or something." That's what the note says. So I say to myself Fine. But I think I'll do the "or something" part.

We just have to go to that next class read that next chapter help that next person. You simply have to do that next good thing and before you know it you're living a good life.

Two wrongs don't make a right but don't three lefts make a right? Two wrongs don't make a right but don't two negatives make a positive?

Sooner or later reality does occor and when it does all the lies show up like blood on snow.

It is not good to have TOO MUCH of anything.