Andre Naffis-Sahely Quotes

One cannot simply decide to write apolitical poetry in the way one decides to drink lemonade instead of tea it's far more subliminal than that.

The West is anxious about becoming another Africa and it has dug deep moats in the hopes of preventing that but it's too late: it has already become another Africa.

I've heard of translators collaborating closely with their authors sometimes even living with them for a while but that's not me.

Fear knows no borders and the terminology of hate has seeped into every aspect of life.

As Trevor Noah recently quipped the US appears ready to crown its first African dictator: Donald Trump.

When it comes to the challenges of the actual process I soldier on as best I can on my own.

The average political poem - especially the kind that wears this label all too proudly - is both dull and full of brow-beating triteness.

I can't quite see the point of poems like "Wittgenstein Goes for a Walk with A Hawk in Sherwood Forest." I know they're trying to be clever but they're not.

I'm of the opinion that poetry is always political and cannot help but be so regardless of the poet's intent given that refusing to deal in politics is in itself a political act.

I don't like poems that invent memories I have enough of my own.

Everyone wants to be open and inclusive but nobody wants to pay for it. It's the biggest roadblock to translating living writers especially poets.

Most of us have been subjected to terrible political poetry at least once or twice in our lifetimes and so we tend to shy away from it.

Poetry either pulses with real life or it's just an aborted simulacra. There's no middle ground.