Andre Malraux Quotes

Culture is the sum of all the forms of art of love and of thought which in the coarse or centuries have enabled man to be less enslaved

Our art culture makes no attempt to search the past for precedents but transforms the entire past into a sequence of provisional responses to a problem that remains intact.

I don't argue with my enemies; I explain to their children. anarchist who succeeded. That's all.

Every young man's heart is a graveyard in which are inscribed the names of a thousand dead artists but whose only actual denizens are a few mighty often antagonistic ghosts.

A break in the established order is never the work of chance. It is the outcome of a man's resolve to turn life to account.

In art we are the first heirs of all the earth. . . . Accidents impair and Time transforms but it is we who choose.

Opium teaches only one thing which is that aside from physical suffering there is nothing real.

A political leader is necessarily an imposter since he believes in solving life's problems without asking its question.

An art book is a museum without walls.

In ceasing to subordinate creative power to any supreme value modern art has brought home to us the presence of that creative power throughout the whole history of art.

The world of art is not a world of immortality but of metamorphosis.

If you can't make art make your life a work of art.

The attempt to force human beings to despise themselves is what I call hell.

Always however brutal an age may actually have been its style transmits its music only.

All art is a revolt against man's fate.

In a world in which everything is subject to the passing of time art alone is both subject to time and yet victorious over it.

I seek the crucial region of the soul where absolute Evil and fraternity clash.

Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas to take a calculated risk - and to act.

In so far as he is a creator the artist does not belong to a social group already moulded by a culture but to a culture which he is by way of building up.

Seldom is a Gothic head more beautiful than when broken.

Between eigtheen and twenty life is like an exchange where one buys stocks not with money but with actions. Most men buy nothing.

If man is not ready to risk his life where is his dignity?

Be careful -- with quotations you can damn anything.

Since 1789 history has had a new perspective revolution being a successful revolt and revolt a revolution that has failed.

The most important thing in life is to see to it that you are never beaten.

The next century's task will be to rediscover its gods.

The twenty-first century will be spiritual or it will not be.

Chanel General De Gaulle and Picasso are the three most important figures of our time.

There is always a need for intoxication: China has opium Islam has hashish the West has woman.

History may clarify our understanding of the supreme work of art but can never account for it completely; for the Time of art is not the same as the Time of history.

To command is to serve nothing more and nothing less.

Communism destroys democracy. Democracy can also destroy Communism.

As for the outside world the artist is confronted by what he sees; but what he sees is primarily what he looks at.

There are not fifty ways of fighting there is only one: to be the conqueror.

Youth is a religion from which one always ends up being converted.

The first duty of a leader is to make himself be loved without courting love. To be loved without 'playing up' to anyone - even to himself.

Every creation is at its root the struggle between potential form and imitated form.

The crucial discovery was made that in order to become painting the universe seen by the artist had to become a private one created by himself.

The only domain where the divine is visible is that of art whatever name we choose to call it.

He who has dreamed for long resembles his dream.

In the realm of human destiny the depth of man's questionings is more important than his answers.

A large share of our art heritage is now derived from peoples whose idea of art was quite other than ours and even from peoples to whom the very idea of art meant nothing.

The terrible thing about death is that it transforms life into destiny.

An artist discovers his genius the day he dares not to please.

And when man faces destiny destiny ends and man comes into his own.

If we cannot shape our destiny there as no such thing as witchcraft.

One can fool life for a long time but in the end it always makes us what we were intended to be.

No one can endure his own solitude.

The truth of a man is first and foremost what he hides.

The truth about a man lies first and foremost in what he hides.

Art is a revolt against fate. All art is a revolt against man's fate.

To understand what the outside of an aquarium looks like it's better not to be a fish.

There are not fifty ways of fighting there's only one and that's to win. Neither revolution nor war consists in doing what one pleases.

There's no such thing as a grown up person.

Some pictures are in the gallery because they belong to humanity and others because they belong to the United States.

To the humblest among them who may be listening to me now I want to say that the masterpiece to which you are paying historic homage this evening is a painting which he has saved.

Nothing is harder than to get people to think about what they are going to do.

Man is not what he thinks he is he is what he hides.

To love a painting is to feel that this presence is ... not an object but a voice.

Genius is not perfected it is deepened. It does not so much interpret the world as fertilize itself with it.

What is Man? A miserable little pile of secrets.

The basic problem is that our civilization which is a civilization of machines can teach man everything except how to be a man.

War puts its questions stupidly peace mysteriously.

Every great masterpiece is a purification of the world.

You can only make art that talks to the masses when you have nothing to say to them.

Man knows that the world is not made on a human scale; and he wishes that it were.

The mind supplies the idea of a nation but what gives this idea its sentimental force is a community of dreams.

One cannot create an art that speaks to men when one has nothing to say.

The ordinary man puts up a struggle against all that is not himself whereas it is against himself in a limited but all-essential field that the artist has to battle.

The true painter strives to paint what can only be seen through his world.

The artist is not the transcriber of the world he is its rival.

Our civilization ... is not devaluing its awareness of the unknowable; nor is it deifying it. It is the first civilization that has severed it from religion and superstition. In order to question it.

Si de veras llegásemos a poder comprender ya no podríamos juzgar.