Amar Bose Quotes

Invention is arrived at by intelligent stumbling.

The food we ate was Indian and both my mother and father were very deep into the ancient philosophy of India so it could well have been an Indian household.

I had studied violin from age 7 to 14.

All military and most commercial aircraft use our designs that process power from jet engines.

I never went into business to make money.

But today the quickest way to save your bottom line is to cut off research.

There was a time when I was wondering about this business of going public so I visited about a half-dozen companies in the Boston area all of them formed by MIT faculty and all had gone public.

No one ever won a chess game by betting on each move. Sometimes you have to move backward to get a step forward.

I really wanted to do research. That has never changed.

I'm forming a charitable institution for education.

Research in this country is going down.

If you think something is impossible don't disturb the person who is doing it!

The excitement level for me working on projects is really not a bit different from when I was 26.

One hundred percent of our earnings are reinvested in the company and a great deal of that goes to research.

At 13 I realized that I could fix anything electronic. It was amazing I could just do it. I started a business repairing radios. It grew to be one of the largest in Philadelphia.

We learned the value of research in World War II.