Allen Ginsberg Quotes

Manâ??s usurpation over nature is an egotism that will destroy human as well as whale kingdoms. â?¦ Academies should return to wisdom study in tree groves rather than robot study in plastic cells

None of us understand what we're doing but we do beautiful things anyway.

who burned cigarette holes in their arms protesting the narcotic tobacco haze of Capitalism

Mind is shapely Art is shapely.

The soul is innocent and immortal it should never die ungodly in an armed madhouse.

Poets are Damned... but See with the Eyes of Angels.

Everything is holy! everybody's holy! everywhere is holy! everyday is in eternity! Everyman's an angel!

I heard you asking questions of each: Who killed the pork chops? What price bananas? Are you my Angel?

I don't do anything with my life except romanticize and decay with indecision.

There is nothing to be learned from history anymore. We're in science fiction now.

I touch your book and dream of our odyssey in the supermarket and feel absurd.

I never dreamed the sea so deep The earth so dark; so long my sleep I have become another child. I wake to see the world go wild.

Presumably if you see spirit at the moment it gained access then it'll be dropped.

â?¦weâ??re all beautiful golden sunflowers inside weâ??re all blessed by our own seed & golden hairy naked accomplishment (Sunflower Sutra)

The only thing that can save the world is the reclaiming of the awareness of the world. That's what poetry does.

Fortunately art is a community effort - a small but select community living in a spiritualized world endeavoring to interpret the wars and the solitudes of the flesh.

Bob Dylan's one of the greatest blues singers of the western world; ancient art on-the-spot improvisation mind quickness endless variation classical formulae prophetic vision mighty wind-horse.

It's time we did something to assert ourselves. After all we do comprise 10% of the population.

Affection is the most important thing. And the quality of affection - with your friends your lovers your family. But particularly for your own generation.

You are what you think about all day.

I've got enough money to live where I want but I don't want to move.Go out and have sexual adventures in Burma.

Sometime Iâ??ll lay down my wrath As I lay my body down Between the ache of breath and breath Golden slumber in the bone.

...robots pencil prescriptions for acid gas sunsets

The hero surviving his own murder his own suicide his own addiction surviving his own disappearance from the scene

what sphinx of cement and aluminium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination

Scientist alone is true poet.

America the plum blossoms are falling.

America why are your libraries full of tears?

America I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel.

America I've given you all and now I'm nothing.

Sanity - a trick of agreement

If I had a soul I sold it for pretty words If I had a body I used it up spurting my essence Allen Ginsberg warns you dont follow my path to extinction

Night is the wonderful opportunity to take rest to forgive to smile to get ready for all the battles that you have to fight tomorrow.

Last Exit to Brooklyn should explode like a rusty hellish bombshell over America and still be eagerly read in a hundred years.

My own experience is that a certain kind of genius among students is best brought out in bed.

The weight of the world is love. Under the burden of solitude under the burden of dissatisfaction.

Visions! omens! hallucinations! miracles! ecstasies! gone down the American river! Dreams! adorations! illumnations! religions! the whole boatload of sensitive bullshit!

We are all exposed to the flash bulb of death.

A poem is like a radio that can broadcast continuously for thousands of years.

I think it was when I ran into Kerouac and Burroughs - when I was 17 - that I realized I was talking through an empty skull... I wasn't thinking my own thoughts or saying my own thoughts.

I want people to bow as they see me and say he is gifted with poetry he has seen the presence of the creator.

All these books are published in Heaven.

Holy the supernatural extra brilliant intelligent kindness of the soul!

When it snows in your nose you catch cold in your brain.

It isn't enough for your heart to break because everybody's heart is broken now.

Everybody's serious but me.

First thoughts are the strongest.

First thought best thought.

Poetry's role is to provide spontaneous individual candor as distinct from manipulation and brainwash.

Unholy battered old thing you were my sunflower O my soul I loved you then!

The best thing about being famous is that it makes it easier to get laid.

Whoâ??ll come lie down in the dark with me Belly to belly and knee to knee Whoâ??ll look into my hooded eye Whoâ??ll lie down under my darkened thigh?

...the bewildering beauty of Paris...

Ultimately Warhol's private moral reference was to the supreme kitsch of the Catholic church.

Let go of the spirit of the departed and continue the celebration of your own life.

Naked in solitary prison cell he looks down at a hard-on.

I smoke marijuana every chance I get.

Our heads are round so thought can change direction

What came is gone forever every time

What if someone gave a war and Nobody came?

I had a moment of clarity saw the feeling in the heart of things walked out to the garden crying.

When you notice something clearly and see it vividly it then becomes sacred.

The fact to which we have got to cling as to a lifebelt is that it is possible to be a normal decent person and yet be fully alive.

The closet door is open for me where I left it since I left it open it has graciously stayed open.

Nobody saves America by sniffing cocaine. Jiggling your knees blankeyed in the rain when it snows in your nose you catch cold in your brain.

America I used to be a communist when I was a kid and I'm not sorry.

Candor disarms paranoia.

Concentrate on what you want to say to yourself and your friends. Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness. You say what you want to say when you don't care who's listening.

Who can live with this Consciousness and not wake frightened at sunrise?

Recent history is the record of one vast conspiracy to impose one level of mechanical consciousness on mankind.

We're all golden sunflowers inside.

Whoever controls the media the images controls the culture.

in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night

To get on screen with the Talking Asshole quite a feat. And it's certainly going to be a cult film that people will be seeing.

It's never to late to do nothing at all.

There should be no distinction between what we write down and what we really know.

Truth is dissent where all power resides in the Big Lie.

Well while I'm here I'll do the work â?? and what's the work? To ease the pain of living. Everything else drunken dumbshow.

We are great writers on the same dreadful typewriter

Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!

We love to be hurt and we love to have our unhealing wounds opened and reopened again: we sit staring in the mirror of art fascinated by our own deformities.

he threw up his hands and wrote the Universe dont exist and died to prove it

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness starving hysterical naked.

The desire to have power dissolves. The desire to dominate people for love dissolves. On the other hand it's a relief to realize you can let go.

You can't photograph everything.

The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstacy is holy!

I learned a world from each / one whom I loved

I know too much and not enough

To gain your own voice forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.

To gain your own voice you have to forget about having it heard.

An unnoticed corner of the world suddenly becomes noticed and when you notice something clearly and see it vividly it becomes sacred. (On Robert Frank's photography)

Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.

I didn't know the names of the flowers - now my garden is gone.

Ordinary mind includes eternal perceptions. Notice what you notice. Observe what's vivid. Catch yourself thinking. Vividness is self-selecting. And remember the future.

The Jews always complained kvetching about false gods and erected the biggest false God Jehovah in middle of western civilization.

How sick i am! that thought Always comes to me with horror. Is it this strange for everybody? But such fugitive feelings have always been my metier.

If you want to make order put your own heart in order and having put one's heart in order one can regulate the family order.

The poignancy of a photograph comes from looking back to a fleeting moment in a floating world. The transitoriness is what creates the sense of the sacred

War is good business Invest your son

America how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?

Enraptured in hypnotic war

Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.

Inside skull vast as outside skull

Thank God I am not God! Thank God I am not God!

Which way will the sunflower turn surrounded by millions of suns?

Subject is known by what she sees.

Poetry is not an expression of the party line. It's that time of night lying in bed thinking what you really think making the private world public that's what the poet does.

A naked lunch is natural to us We eat reality sandwiches. But allegories are so much lettuce. Don't hide the madness.

I am learning by the week but my poesy is still not my own. New rhyme new me me me in words. I am not all this carven rhetoric.

You too must seek the sun...

Scientist alone is true poet he gives us the moon he promises the stars he'll make us a new universe if it comes to that.

The actual materials are important... A book at the nightstand is important-a light you can get at-or a flashlight as Kerouac had a brakeman's latern.

Others can measure their visions by what we see.

I really believe or want to believe really I am nuts otherwise I'll never be sane.

What is obscenity? And to whom?

The real America that Whitman proclaimed and Thoreau decoded.

Tell your secrets. [In reply to the question "How does one become a prophet?"]

You can't escape the past in Paris and yet what's so wonderful about it is that the past and present intermingle so intangibly that it doesn't seem to burden.

The suffering itself is not so bad; it's the resentment against suffering that is the real pain.

I don't think there is any truth. There are only points of view.

I want to be a saint a real saint while I am young for there is so much work to do.

Things are symbols of themselves.

I know I'm not God are you? Don't be silly. God? God? Everybody's God? Don't be silly.

Now I have enough money to travel wherever I want but I haven't got the health.

Breathe when you breathe. Walk where you walk. Talk when you talk. Cry when you cry. Die when you die. Let go when you let go...