Alan Seeger Quotes

From a boy I gloated on existence. Earth to me Seemed all-sufficient and my sojourn there One trembling opportunity for joy.

So die as though your funeral Ushered you through the doors that led Into a stately banquet hall Where heroes banqueted.

Oft as by chance a little while apart The pall of empty loveless hours withdrawn Sweet Beauty opening on the impoverished heart Beams like a jewel on the breast of dawn.

Spirit of Beauty whose sweet impulses flung like rose of dawn across the sea alone can flush the exalted consciousness with shafts of sensible divinity-light of the world essential loveliness.

But I've a rendezvous with Death At midnight in some flaming town When Spring trips north again this year And I to my pledged word am true I shall not fail that rendezvous.

I have a rendezvous with death... I will not fail that rendezvous

At Earth's great market where Joy is trafficked in Buy while thy purse yet swells with golden Youth.