Alan Hollinghurst Quotes

To apologize for what you most wanted to do to concede that it was obnoxious boring 'vulgar and unsafe' --- that was the worst thing.

I was rather a goody-goody as a child... It was only later on I discovered that you could be naughty and get away with it.

The great wisdom for writers perhaps for everybody is to come to understand to be at one with their own tempo.

Now that I had actually made love more astonishingly now that I had been made love to the fantasies were subtly undermined.

...all his longings came out as a kind of disdain for what he longed for.

What the problem was was this colossal redundancy the squandering of brilliant technique on cheap material ...

There was the noise itself which he thought of vaguely as the noise of classical music sameish and rhetorical full of feelings people surely never had

He wanted pure compliments just as he wanted unconditional love.

The worse they are the more they see beauty in each other.

she kept sliding down in small half-willing surrenders till she was a heap with the book held tiringly above her face.

I like things to reverberate to be suggestive.