A. R. Rahman Quotes

When you do something with a lot of honesty appetite and commitment the input reflects the output.

When you do something with a lot of honesty appetite and commitment the input reflects in the output.

Music knows no barrier of age or culture. It isnâ??t about being politically correct or even making a statement. Music is what appeals to the ears and touches your soul.

I am a friend when I need to be a friend a father when I need to be a father a musician when music calls. I switch roles accordingly.

I compose music for films and by the grace of God I've got a few awards. That's it.

Your best success comes after your greatest disapponitment

Wisdom comes from within. Knowledge is acquired and can sometimes put a screen on your wisdom.

I am a big admirer of Sachin and his personality. He is a source of inspiration for the country and just looking at his photographs gives a lot of positive vibes.

I'm continuing to learn more about music - it's an ocean and you can never really say that you know everything. I'm grateful that I'm still living and making music among the greats.

Music is all about transporting people; speaking a language which languages fail to express.

People Expect Something New From Me All The Time.And That's Good It Keeps Me On The Edge

Music is something that takes you to a world which is very different from the world of hatred jealousy and all those negative emotions

Bollywood music is definitely a big part of Indian music and can be a great way to introduce people to the sound. But I hope to continue to incorporate other types of Indian music into my work.

My biggest dream to connect people through music has come true. In a world where there are enough reasons to separate us the Oscars have unified us.

I wanted to be part of something bigger

I am the kind of person who does not like to carry baggage. In fact I don't go back and listen to my own music. I believe in closing chapters and moving forward. That's what gives me peace.

I think I would like to discover a new root where people don't get bored with people singing boring lines but something exciting. That'd be interesting.

No regrets. There is no time for that. Regret is boring.

The music had to be rooted and yet had to branch out like the wild imagination of a child.

Be original and find your inner voice. The rest will follow.

Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.

So long as you do it truthfully music is not to be judged.

For me there is no day or night for music. I often work through the night - without phone calls disturbing me.

While my mother wanted me to be a musician I wanted to become an electronic engineer.

I believe that whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God.

In my case dust has become Gold

Beautiful film music can be made relevant to any period.

I want to go beyond the restrictions of language religion and caste and music is the only thing that allows me to do that.

I don't want to expose my personal life. It's best that people know me for my work. My family doesn't want to be surrounded by cameras. We want to live like any other family.

All my life I have had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I am here

I love classical music. I love a lot of musicians playing together and the whole culture of that whether it's Indian or it's Western.

There have been predictions that the world will come to an end on 21.12.12. But I look around me and I see so much scope for hope.

When I initially read the script it goes inside and comes out different things even without commenting on any stuff. And then those pieces are taken out and then spread out through the movie.

Compared with other Indian film composers I only write about six movies a year. Others write up to 60.

Sometimes a remix is good because it reaches a whole new generation. But when it gets too much it's irritating. Also the original composer needs to be credited properly.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama Thank you for sending me Christmas and New Year greetings yet again. Welcome back to India... Would have loved to host you at my concert in Baroda on the 26th!

It's like driving your car. If you drive too fast on the highway you will topple so you better maintain your speed. Life is similar to that and that's the way you have to control your head.

Rather than making money I believe in making people happy all other things are secondary. Money isn't important creative satisfaction is

While other creators make a big show of their art Mani Sir makes it look as though anyone can do what he does.

Your inner voice is the voice of divinity. To hear it we need to be in solitude even in crowded places.

If you respect a language and culture it shows in your work.

Sometimes I intentionally cut it off. I just want to be in silence especially when I'm traveling. I watch movies without sound.

That's a sound design thing but then we wanted to do music that would not disturb it and at the same time drive it.

The search is more important than the destination

I like music that is able to stir my soul. My music is a spiritual exercise

There is only one of the two that can reside in our hearts GOD or ego. If GOD is in ego is out.

The idea of music is to liberate the listener and lead him to a frame where he feels he is elevated.

A good film demands its own score and if you are a musician your conscience will never allow you to do something mediocre for a good film.

I have too many responsibilities and principles. There's no time for 'guilty' pleasures.

It's true that I love to connect with my fans on the social networking sites but I try not to go overboard ever. I just give people a peek into my mind space but never bombard them with my tweets.

I think I can get away sometimes with walking in the streets and not getting noticed. I like that. I want my work to get noticed not me. And it's slowly getting there which is good.

I love the voice - itâ??s the most perfect instrument ever heard. Itâ??s God given.

I feel blessed and humbled that people have loved my music. Nothing would be possible without their acceptance.

If music wakes you up makes you think heals you...then I guess the music is working.

I was famous from the age of 13 and after a while you become immune to it - in a good way. You look at positives and what you can do with it.

The more you know the less you talk.

My list would be Russia Morocco Turkey and South Africa I'm doing which is somewhere I've wanted to go Australia Japan maybe and China if I have the energy to go and play at all those places.

A musician is a professional whether he or she is successful or not. The profession itself must be regarded as a stable job.

I don't even know where mine [Oscar award] is. My mother has hidden it because everybody who comes in wants to take a photograph of it. So what she's done is she put it inside a suitcase somewhere.

You can't be without passion. Passion means the possessiveness to be the best.